Tuesday, April 30, 2013

To the MOON!!

The last time we were at the library, the Chipmunk picked up a couple of books about space shuttles.  He didn't really know what they were, just liked the books.  We've been reading them for a couple of days now and he's in love!

"This a space ship and this is the rudder and these are the engines and there are THREE big engines and TWO little engines and this opens up but there's nothing in it now because the astronauts already took everything to space and these come out so it can land on the ground."


"It lands JUST like an airplane!"


"This one is a rocket and it's going to the moon.  VRRRROOOOOOOOMMMMMM!"


Looks like surface of the moon to me :)


Sunday, April 21, 2013


It's still really unclear which one of us enjoys play dough more!

We've been reading and talking lately about what's inside if us and learning some basic anatomy, which of course, led to talking about skeletons.  He made the connection to the dinosaurs at the natural history museum, sooooooo....

Play dough dinosaur bones!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

More dirt and a few veggies!

Some friends came to help us plant this morning.  We had a wonderful time getting dirty and learning how to plant and take care of our new veggies.



Marigolds!  (Great companion plants - there are a lot of harmful bugs that don't like the smell)


Break up the roots and tuck it into the dirt gently.


It's starting to look pretty good :)


Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting dirty!

We've had such a great time today...and we're completely covered in dirt and paint!  We learned so much in our shopping and planting.

The Chipmunk loved the colored tomato cages that the garden stores are carrying now and was very upset when I explained to him that they were really too small for our tomatoes.  They didn't really have the color he loved anyway.  So, we came up with another option.

54in tomato cages and a can of Rustoleum in the perfect shade of blue!


We did it ourselves and they are better quality, more useful, AND CHEAPER than the ones being sold at the garden center.

Next up...strawberries in hanging baskets


We did a little comparison shopping with these.  They were more expensive at the local family owned garden center than they were at the big box store.  We talked about that, and then decided that it was better this time to support a local business and get locally grown plants than it would be to pay a little bit less.

THAT is a happy child!


And THIS is a little clay mushroom that we couldn't resist getting and painting with the last of our Rustoleum :)


We learned so much today, from comparison shopping to companion planting (marigolds and tomatoes).  Tomorrow the tomatoes go in!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Conversations with the Chipmunk

Mama:  Chipmunk, why are you throwing rocks?  
C:  I'm testing gravity.  It STILL WORKS!!